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Table of Contents

1. Legal Notices
2. Introduction
3. What Are Online Directories?
4. How Do Online Directories Work?
5. How Do Online Directories Benefit Small Businesses?
6. Why You Should Consider Listing Your Small Business in an Online Directory
7. What Online Directories Should You Use for Your Small Business?
8. Best Practices for Listing Your Small Business in Online Directories
9. Get Listed in the Top 15 Online Directories

The Power of Online Directories and
How to Get Started Fast!
If you run a small business, you probably spend a great deal of your time thinking about marketing. Online directories can be a great addition to your current small business marketing strategy, and will help grow your business by;
● Increasing website traffic
● Expanding the likelihood that your website will be found by customers
● Growing your bottom line by exposing your business to more opportunities

50% of local searches do not occur on search engines,
But on directories and apps

If you haven’t taken a look at online directories and considered how your small business could use them to increase its market presence, then now is the time to start!

What Are Online Directories?
There are many different types of professional business online directories available on the Internet.
An online directory is a website submission service that allows your small business’s website to be added to a defined category where it can be searched for by interested viewers. These searchable online directories allow viewers to search for websites and businesses that they find interesting or that they want to learn more about. Listing your small business on an online directory increases your website’s visibility and helps to create inbound links to your businesses website. Simply put, online directories make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

Websites that are submitted to an online directory are placed in specific categories:
● Business-related categories
● Personal preferences
● By subject
Each category consists of websites relating to a specific topic featuring:
● Name of the business
● Direct link to the website
● Short description of the business
● Address and phone number
Your customers and potential customers will be able to browse through the various categories in the directory and locate businesses like yours.
80% of traffic to a website begins with a search query
Essentially, online directories make it easier for customers who are interested in your products and services to find your business website.
How Do Online Directories Work?
Think of it this way, online directories are very similar to the traditional Yellow Pages, only these listings exist online, and like Yellow Pages they are directories with listings of business information and websites. Some online directories are broad and cover every topic that someone could create a website for, while others are specific to a business niche.
Over 2.6 billion local searches performed monthly
And it grows more than 50% each year
Say your customer is a model airplane enthusiast; your business would want to list your websites in places that cater to this specific interest. Your customer could look through a huge online directory and find several dozen websites that are related to model airplanes. Or they could look for an online directory that is niche-specific, an entire online directory based on model airplanes.

Regional and Niche Directories
With niche-specific directories your customers and potential customers will find even more websites that are specifically based on their interests – making sure your small business is there is very important.

If you are model airplane business in Tampa and you want to attract customers who live within this geographic area, list your business website in directories that relate to both model airplanes and Tampa. Your customers may perform a search in the online directory for a specific topic or browse through the various categories until they are able to find the type of business they are looking for.
54% of Americans have substituted the Internet
And local search for phone books
When your customer performs a search:
● They will see a list of all of the websites that relate to their search term
● Links to these websites and each link with a short description of the website
● The descriptions will guide them to choose the website that best suits their needs
There are many different types of websites that can be found under a specific topic as well. For example, if your customer where to search several directories for information relating to model airplanes they may find websites that are about building model airplanes, flying model airplanes, creating historically accurate model planes, tips and instructions about how to fly model planes, websites that sell model airplanes and charters and associations that you could join regarding model airplanes. These are just a few of the examples you could find using an online directory.

You can see how anyone can use an online directory to find websites relating to things that interest them. As a small business owner you can see how people who could be potential customers of yours are using online directories too. Now that you understand how online directories work it is time to see how they can work for your business.
How Do Online Directories Benefit Small Businesses?
There are many benefits associated with listing your small business in an online directory. The more legitimate online directories you can use to list your business the more benefits you will reap. Here are some of the benefits of using online directories:
● Exposure is important for all businesses; after all, the more people who are exposed to your business the more likely people are to become your customer. If online customers aren’t able to find your website, they will not be purchasing your products or services. Listing your business’s website in online directories helps your website to gain exposure to people who are actively searching for business websites that are directly related to your products or services. They are already looking and predisposed, all you have to do is make it easy for them to find you and capture their attention.
● Increased Traffic. There are several ways that online directories can help you increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website. For starters, the more exposure your website has the more people are likely to visit it. But online directories offer more than just exposure from potential customers. They also offer exposure to the various major search engine crawlers like Google and Yahoo. This increases the chances that your website will appear on major search engine results pages or SERPs, this will expose more people to your business website when they perform a regular search. Both search engine optimization and exposure to more people who are searching for your website could result in increased traffic to your small business’s website.

● Low Cost Advertising. As a small business owner you already understand the importance of advertising. You know that it helps customers to find your business and recognize your name and brand. One of the major benefits of listing your business in an online directory is that directories are inexpensive to join and they offer great exposure for the price. Some online directories will allow you to list your business for free, while others will charge a minimal fee. Either way, you are getting a lot of exposure for less money than you would spend on a TV or radio campaign.
● Credibility. You want everything about your business to look professional in the eyes of your customers. Online directories help build your business credibility. When an online consumer sees your business listing in a directory they will consider your business to be an authority on the subject and a professional place to do business. Unlike a search that is performed on a major search engine like Google, where there is little difference between the legitimate websites relating to a topic and the less than useful information, online directories contain mostly legitimate websites. Consumers are more likely to trust what they see on online directories.
● SEO Benefits. Online directories offer several search engine optimization or SEO benefits as well. Firstly, these online directories offer you more qualified inbound links. When an interested customer sees your website link in an online directory, they will be able to click on it and be instantly directed to your website. This is a great way to increase quality traffic, and improve your status in the eyes of search engine crawlers too. The more backlinks that a search engine crawler can find, the more relevant they will rank your website. This is especially true of authoritative online directories. Being linked to a major online directory, such as Google Places, will give your website more relevancy in the eyes of Google’s search engine crawlers. This will result in a higher page ranking on the SERP. As you know, a higher search engine result page rank you get, the more people are going to click on your website link.
● Increased Revenue. When more people are able to find your website it increases the chances that they will visit your website and that you will gain a customer. When people visit your website they are more likely to purchase your goods or services. This means that online directories can help grow your sales.
● Increased Brand Recognition and Customer Interaction. When a potential customer finds your website though an online directory, they are more likely to remember your business’s name and directly interact with it. Online directories can help your business stand out from the crowd. Overall, listing your small business in an online directory will help you to create a more comprehensive and effective online presence.
20% of the searches made on Google are for local information
Listing your small business’s website with several online directories will help more people find your website, whether they are specifically searching for it or if they are just browsing. In addition to gaining exposure, online directories will provide major SEO benefits, which will help your website get found by search engines. Increased exposure and higher search engine rankings will result in more traffic to your website, which will result in higher revenue.
There are many different types of online directories, from large global directories to small, niche and location-specific ones. Some examples of other types of online directories include reciprocal link directories, free directories, paid directories, Business 2 Business directories, theme-related directories and small business directories.
Why You Should Consider Listing Your Small Business in an Online Directory
Besides the fact that online directories will increase the amount of exposure your business website receives and directly help with SEO, they are also a very effective way to directly target potential customers. Online directories make it easy for online users to find something they want.
8 out of 10 people will use a print or online directory
To find companies or products they are looking for.

8 out of 10 people who use these directories to locate a business
Do so with the intent to purchase a product or service from them.
This is a very effective form of targeted advertising. The customer already needs or wants your product or service and you can directly target them by listing your website in an online directory.
Your Return On Investment or ROI is high with Directory listing. Typically, the benefits of getting increased website traffic are higher than your spending to list your website in an online directory. In other words, you will be able to see a great return on your investment in the form of increased revenue. It is also a good way to keep your brand and your company name in the minds of consumers at all times.
What Online Directories Should You Use for Your Small Business?
Even though listing your website in many online directories will improve your website’s exposure and SEO ranking, it is not effective to just SPAM your website into every single online directory you can find. You will want to take some time to consider which specific online directories will give you the most qualified customers, those that are already looking for companies like yours to do business with. The best option is to find a combination of targeted directories to join. If you run a small business the best place to start may be with a local directory, because most people will search for businesses in their local area. Local market and niche-specific online directories can offer extremely targeted advertisements to potential local customers.
After your business is listed in these directories you can take a look at the larger and potentially more expensive general-interest directories. You will probably want to consider listing with the top 10 online directories, as these will be used by a lot of people and will offer higher relevancy and credibility. Google My Business and Google Maps are large general-interest directories that you will want to list your small business in. If your website sells tangible goods you may also want to consider listing it in comparison-shopping websites and product listings directories.
42% of consumers will look at a comparison shopping website
Before they decide to purchase a specific product.
The best way to figure out which specific online directories your small business should be listed in is to start by looking at your competitors. Take a look at your local and niche-specific options and figure out if your competition is already listed. If you find that they are, you need to be listed too. If they are not listed you may want to list your website as a way to beat them to the punch. In some situations it may not make sense for you to have a listing in a specific online directory, even if your competitors are listed in it. Your goal should be to be listed in every relevant and niche-specific directory you can find as well as many of the major directories. Be selective in this process, if you appear in too many irrelevant directories, it may appear as SPAMMY.
In addition to listing your business website in directories, you also need to maintain these listings. It is important for your online directory listings to have up to date information that is accurate, otherwise it is a waste of time and effort. If your directory information is out of date and your customers can’t find you, they will look elsewhere.
Be patient, it will take some time to see the results of listing your small business’s website in online directories. The best way to asses the perfect combination of online directory listings for your business is to use tracking and analytics. Using these measurements will allow you to see how many people clicked on your website links from within the directory and measure what kind of increased traffic has been referred to your website. Eliminate the directories that are not producing results and increase the time and effort you spend on the online directories that are producing the desired results.
Best Practices for Listing Your Small Business in Online Directories
Now that you understand why your small business should be listed in online directories and have started locating the directories that are best suited for your business, you are ready to begin creating your business listings for submissions. Here are some tips and best practices for listing your small business in online directories.
● Start by choosing local directories and directories that are specific to your niche. So if you own a model airplane hobby shop in Tampa, Florida, make sure you find a local Tampa business directory and a directory that is related to model airplanes. If you can find a model airplane hobby directory for the area, you are all set.
● Once you are listed in local directories, start searching for larger and more generalized directories. Pick directories that are popular, get a lot of traffic and that are listed highly on major search engines like Google. A higher search engine ranking means that the directory will be considered as both credible and relevant in the eyes of search engines, making any links you get through these directories more valuable to your SEO.
● Include all of the relevant information regarding your small business in your website’s directory description. At minimum, this should include your business’s name, location, telephone number, address, contact information, reviews, business hours and anything else that is relevant. Add photos, maps or other interactive features if the directory allows it.
● Keep your information consistent across all of your online directory listings. This will help your website retain its credibility in the eyes of search engines and will assist with your SERP rankings.
● Make your business stand out by offering an explanation of your business or any specific message the customer should know in your description.
● Ensure that all of your information is up to date, and frequently update your listings.
● Allow customers to leave positive reviews and use them in your listing if the directory allows it.
● Be professional and consistent with your business’s listings and messaging. This includes any information regarding your brand.
● If you sell products or services to a local market, make sure your business is listed in a local business directory. Include geo-specific keywords and information. An example would be: “Dave’s Model Plane Shop” + “Tampa”.
● Optimize your website for SEO purposes and include the relevant keywords in your Meta titles and listing descriptions. Keyword research is important.
61% of searchers consider local results to be
More relevant than standard search results
Get Listed in the Top 15 Online Directories
Now is a great time to get your small business listed in the Top 15 Online Directories. There are few other Internet marketing techniques that will offer so many benefits for such a small investment on your part.
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