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How to Create Your Directory Listings

Step By Step: Creating Your Directory Listing
1. In order to create your directory listing you must be signed in. Either log in or
create your account here.
2. From the dropdown user menu select submit listing.
3. Select Listing Type:
a. Individual listing if you are listing yourself as a yoga instructor.
b. School listing if you are listing a K-12 school that offers yoga.
c. Organization listing if you are listing a company that provides yoga
services (training, teaching, research, etc)
Then select “Enter Details”
4. Fill out the form fields. Note fields that display “required” must be completed.
All others are optional.
a. Listing Title: This will be the title of your listing as it appears in the
b. Address: This can be your specific address or your general vicinity (ie.
Chicago). With the Google maps API, your address will be pin-pointed
on the map that accompanies your listing. Note if you have multiple
locations, enter in your main location and then create separate directory
listings for your satellite locations.
c. Contact email: this is the email address that will be used for people
viewing your listing to reach you. Note if you entered in an email
address when you created your account it will auto-populate here.
d. Listing category: Select all categories that apply. These will be used to
help users filter their search
e. Credentials and certifications: Type in any credentials or certifications
that you would like published in your directory listing (ie RCYT)
f. Population served: This is a drop-down multi-select menu. Choose all
that apply. You can select multiple by holding down the command or
control key while selecting.
g. Teaching yoga since: This is an optional date picker field which enables
you to publish how long you have been providing yoga services to
h. Cover Image: This is the main image that will appear with your directory
listing. Here you can upload any image of your choosing that represents
you or your company best. Images (.jpg or .png) formatted in landscape
(ie wider than they are tall) work best.
i. Gallery Images: Here you can optionally upload additional photos for
display on your directory listing.
j. Your listing overview: This is the main text area that will appear with
your directory listing. Here you can provide any useful information that
describes you, your organization, or your school.
k. Supporting files: you have the ability to optionally provide collateral
documents for users to download from your directory page. These
could be research papers, brochures, samples of your work, etc.
l. Website: this is the website address that will optionally appear on your
directory listing.
m. Phone Number: Optionally enter in phone number where users can
contact you for more information
n. Video: Your directory listing has the capability to optionally display a
video about your your company. Simply enter in the link address (ie
YouTube or Vimeo) URL.
o. Social Media URLs: If you would like users to have the ability to click
thru to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, or Instagram pages enter in
the URL’s here. If not just leave blank.
5. Once form is complete, select the blue button to preview. This will display how
your listing will look once published. If more changes are required select “Edit
Listing”, if not click “Submit Listing”
6. Once submitted, your listing will be reviewed and become visible once approved.

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